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My name is Sivan Golan, Co-Founder of Fresh Bombs.

  I have been thinking about our “about us” story for quite some time, and have been debating with myself about what to write.  I could just say that I am the mom of two beautiful children or that I am supporting my entire family with our bath bombs to earn your sympathy.  However, I have decided to be straight-forward, and leave out that kind of marketing strategy. 

In short, I am 34 years old, wife of Eran, mother of Itay, Aviv, and Marley – our dog.

I am all of these things, but I am also a creative entrepreneur. 

Creating something from nothing is my passion, and creating a product that solves a problem for others is even better!  So, two and half years ago I came across these super-cool bath bombs that I didn’t even know existed (I am totally not a bath person)!  When I saw them, I thought of my children immediately!  How cool, and smart, it would be if I could squeeze a bath toy inside those fizzies so bath time would be like a party. I began digging into the “soap” world and was fascinated with all there was to learn! I was so infatuated with what I was discovering that I decided to partner with the super-smart, and fellow dreamer,  Dror Attias. 
Together, we opened the Bath Bombs Factory in Hollywood, FL.
We made a new line of Bath Bombs, where each one of them has it's own signature fragrance and essential oils.
Also we created our “Kids Bath Bomb” line with the addition of super-cool toys inside them. Our clients have told us that their children love our bath bombs so much that they fight over who is first in the tub! So, when we see a child holding one of our Bath Bombs and hear him beg his mom to let him take a shower, it is a win for us!

Our Bath Bombs are handmade and manufactured in our Florida facility.  We use only the best ingredients for our product, infusing each bath bomb with almond essential oil to promote relaxation.  Now, I can proudly say that we are not only solving problems for many parents (we know bath time can be a nightmare), we also provide a healthy product that combines quality time with education and playtime for you and your kids!
    Our “Bath Bombs” come in  recyclable boxes
        We don't test our product on animals 
      And we support the fight
  with   love...


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