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8 Facts Most People Don't Know About CBD

CBD Can Help with Nicotine Addiction

CBD, of course, does wonders for stress. Stress is one of the top reasons why people smoke or use nicotine. Also, research shows that people who use CBD rather than tobacco products when experiencing cravings drastically reduce the amount of nicotine they consume, and even more so over extended CBD use.

CBD Helps with Sleeplessness

When used just before bed, CBD can help relax you and make you sleepy. People with insomnia find this property of CBD exceptionally helpful, as well as those who just struggle with the occasional stressful day that keeps them awake.

CBD Has Many Different Methods of Administration

Bath bombs and products aren’t the only ways to utilize CBD! Along with the amazing CBD bath bomb method, you can also apply salves and ointments containing CBD for relief of skin issues or abrasions. You can also take certain CBD products by mouth, either straight down the hatch OR underneath your tongue!

CBD is Safe for Use with Other Medications

Studies have proven that CBD products (particularly CBD bath bombs) work well with many other medications. In many cases, there is no reaction at all, even with most OTC medications. However, as a safety precaution, we DO advise you to consult with your doctor about any known reactions with your specific medication regimen before use!

CBD Could Improve Your Heart!

Think about it: anything that works to relieve or alleviate anxiety and tension levels is helping to take that unnecessary strain off your heart. CBD is no different in that regard! By lowering stress levels, extended use of CBD products (especially in the bath; that makes for a doubly relaxing experience!) will have a long-term positive effect on your heart.

CBD Can Help with Certain Eating Disorders

The appetite-inducing effect CBD products have would help in many cases. Cancer patients who have trouble eating or working up an appetite, those suffering from chronic nausea, and people with eating disorders, such as anorexia, could benefit greatly from this perk!

CBD Oil, Especially in Bath Products, Often Lasts Quite a Long Time

This is especially true if they are kept in airtight containers, in cool, dry storage areas. This way, CBD products cannot come into contact with anything that might react with or contaminate them, and they avoid any forms of moisture. However, we do recommend that you use any bath products as soon as possible. After all, as with all bath products, they always smell and work best when they’re completely fresh and new!

CBD Works Extremely Well with Essential Oils

In everything from bath products to blends used solely for the fragrances, CBD makes a perfect compliment to, and with, ANY essential oil!

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